Working with Industry

Safe Gluten Free Consulting works with food service establishments of all sizes to customize a program that encompasses the process of becoming a cost-effective, verifiable safe provider of gluten free foods and goods.


The program we design will take your business through initial audit of your current practices, development of a plan to meet identified goals, and continued follow up to support your success. This program may include:

  • Comprehensive Education

  • FDA Labeling Compliance

  • Cost Management

  • Food Storage

  • Menu Development

  • Kitchen Layout

  • Procedure and Policy Writing

  • Safe Food Handling Practices

  • Front of House Education

  • Safety Compliance

  • Specific Market Data Analysis

Laboratory Testing

Trust but verify. Always.

Expensive and slow laboratory testing for allergens and chemicals hiding on kitchen counters or in a slice of pizza are a thing of the past. Todays laboratory testing techniques and assays allow Safe Gluten Free Consulting, LLC to bring you better testing for less.

We offer a full range of professional laboratory testing services for food products and environmental areas. Many of our tests can be performed onsite and our online paperless reporting system makes keeping track of your testing simple.

Food Allergens

  • Wheat

  • Egg

  • Milk

  • Mustard

  • Gluten

  • Gluten, 33-mer peptide



  • Aflatoxin



Pesticide testing is offered for a variety of products and foods. These tests can be performed quickly and accurately onsite or in our laboratory.

Consumer Education

Safe Gluten Free Consulting provides guidance and education directly to gluten free consumers individually and to groups.  Education and support might include:

  • Safely Dining Out

  • Safely Dining In

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Menu Development

  • Gluten Free Educational Materials

  • Connection to Resources