I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Crohn’s at the same time 6 years ago, autoimmune and GI double whammy! At first, my gluten free journey was confusing and difficult. However, I soon learned how to use available advanced technology to navigate what would now be my new normal. 

On a trip to London in 2017 I was impressed with the ease of finding safe gluten free food. Using, new at the time, technology gluten wasn’t detected in any of the foods served to me claiming to be gluten free. I was impressed and frankly still am! With proper education and support for both food providers and consumers, it can be done here in the US, as well.


Since that trip I have committed myself to helping make safe food safe. I know that safe allergen free products can be produced for those that are seeking them. I have become passionate about helping business produce safe foods and connecting with people who are free-from! 


My passion and work are backed up by years of relevant training.  With a science and healthcare background strong in compliance, safety, and process change, I ensure that the results of our work together are practical, reliable, and consistently meet the standards required by all of those affect by Celiac Disease and NCGS. I have certified gluten free and food allergy training as well as extensive experience in using the latest technology for testing food allergens.

  • Certified Medical Laboratory Technician (AMT)

  • AS in Clinical Lab Science

  • BS in Healthcare

  • Professional Certificate in Data Analytics

  • Certified Medical Technologist

  • Allertrain Manager Level Certified